Virtual Fax

Virtual Fax

Adapt your fax infrastructure to today’s virtual work environment

Adapt your fax infrastructure to today’s virtual work environment.

Like many other IT services, faxing made the jump to the cloud long ago – giving businesses the power to send fax to email, specify routing methods, and overcome compliance issues. The problem is that most of those “fax as a service” solutions are quite basic, built to address the needs of individual users or small home offices.

TPx’s Virtual Fax service delivers enterprise-grade faxing in the cloud, including both inbound and outbound faxing. Virtual Fax will enable you to adapt your aging fax infrastructure to today’s work environment, where secure document transfers and remote working are the norm rather than the exception.

Virtual Fax Features

Inbound Faxing

Receive faxes in your email or through our web portal. View and search your inbound fax history.

Outbound Faxing

Fax multiple file attachments, to multiple recipients, from your email or through our web portal. Schedule outbound faxes to send in the future. View and search outbound history and your outgoing fax queue.

Administrative Features

Powerful reporting and tracking through our web portal, with an audit trail of all fax activity. Use toll-free numbers or local numbers. Create and manage phone books to store commonly-used numbers.

Benefits to Your Business

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